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Bringing A New Puppy Home

Bringing a new puppy home means dealing with new responsibilities.  You are responsible for her care, well-being and her manners.  After all, you are the leader of her pack. It is important that you are ready to help your puppy become accustomed to her new home as quickly as possible.  By doing this, stress is [...]

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Puppy Training – Teaching Your Puppy To Come

One of the very first things you can do in puppy training is to start teaching your puppy the come command.  This should start as early as 8 weeks of age (the ideal time for you to bring a pup home from the breeder). First, never call your puppy to you unless you know he [...]

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Stop Play Biting – How To Train A Puppy Not To Play Bite

Stop play biting.  I will teach you how to stop your puppy play biting.  Please read on ... Puppies use their mouths much like we use our hands. They feel. They touch. They learn about things from this contact. I usually allow puppies to mouth until it is about 10 weeks of age. If it [...]

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Why Doesn’t Your Dog Come When Called?

Will your dog come to you when you call him ... every time? If so, you are definitely in the minority. One of the biggest requests I get is that a person wants their dog to come to them when called. Unfortunately, we have given him more reasons not to come than reasons to come [...]

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Does Your Dog Pee On You When You Come Home?

Does your dog pee on you when you come home? This could be because he is happy to see you ... or, he is sacred to see you. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about excitement urination. Excitement Urination Excitement urination is a fairly common occurrence among dogs, so there is no [...]

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Puppy Owners Beware

Puppy Owners Beware! It has come to our attention there is a company that is offering to put a puppy on their electronic dog fence system as early as 8-12 weeks of age. DO NOT DO THIS!!! Your puppy can be irreparably harmed by doing this. Studies have shown that all puppies go through a [...]

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Who Is The Real Problem, You Or Your Dog?

It's plain and simple, owners are the problem. Owners that continue to have problems with their dogs even after some form of professional training do not deserve to own a dog. I get so tired of people calling and saying "their dog does this and their dog does this." Who let them do it? The [...]

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Puppy Care – First Things First

Congratulations! You must be considering the purchase of a puppy. Or, you have a brand new puppy at home. If you have read the dog training introduction page, you may assume it is time to take charge as soon as your puppy comes home. Not so fast! It is puppy bonding time. You want your [...]

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Toys For Puppies

This post is about puppies' toys - what is safe for them and what is not. I know I am going to make some dog toy manufacturers very unhappy with my comments here, but I don't care. My concern is for your puppies and dogs. If the toys for puppies can be torn apart, swallowed [...]

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The Puppy Come

This is an edited reprint of the "I want my dog to come to me when I call him!" post under the Dog Training heading. However, it is much easier to do this right as a puppy. You have no bad habits and your puppy wants to learn from you. Your puppy wants to trust [...]

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