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Bloodhound Information

Blood Hound Information - History: Bloodhounds are very useful and productive breed of dogs that is also called St. Hubert Hound by many. It is a large breed of canines used to track human beings. So, these dogs have always been very functional and of practical use to humans, historically as well. As the legend [...]

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Basset Hound Information

Bassett Hound Information History: The Basset Hounds are a down line of St. Hubert’s Hound, which is a French lineage. Friars of the medieval France desired a type of dog that can follow a scent and hunt a classic sport. Originally they were used to hunt hare and rabbits and were later taken in as [...]

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Is the Beagle the right dog breed choice for you? Following is a brief standard on Beagles. The Beagle dog breed history, their physical and mental makeup and how to best care for them. History: The Beagle dog breed can be traced back to the reign of King Edward III who used them during the [...]

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