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Using Your Voice As A Dog Training Tool

Did you know dogs can learn hundreds of words in the English language?  In fact, many behaviorists believe teaching commands during puppyhood actually increases their learning and ability to learn as they get older.  Even if they never get to that level, they can understand your voice inflection or your tone. Try listening to the [...]

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Dog Motivation – Praise and Consequence

Dog Motivation Is The Key To A Happy Pack As a Leader of the Pack Dog Trainer, dog motivation is very important to me.  There are two very distinct forms of motivation in dogs.  They are Praise and Consequence.   I will touch base on what each one means to me and the dogs I work [...]

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Leader of The Pack Dog Training: Feeding Your Dog

As you probably know by now, I feel it is essential that your dog sees you as the leader of the pack. This should take place by structured obedience training, by real life dog training and by everyday real life living. One subtle method of becoming the leader in your pack occurs everyday at feeding [...]

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Why Doesn’t Your Dog Come When Called?

Will your dog come to you when you call him ... every time? If so, you are definitely in the minority. One of the biggest requests I get is that a person wants their dog to come to them when called. Unfortunately, we have given him more reasons not to come than reasons to come [...]

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Dog Training: Teaching Your Dog To Love To Ride In The Car

Some dogs are born to ride in cars. They are happy. They are excited. And, you have to worry more about how they behave in the car rather than getting them into the car. With others, they may exhibit signs of fear and anxiety and may even become nauseous during the ride. This usually occurs [...]

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Does Your Dog Pee On You When You Come Home?

Does your dog pee on you when you come home? This could be because he is happy to see you ... or, he is sacred to see you. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about excitement urination. Excitement Urination Excitement urination is a fairly common occurrence among dogs, so there is no [...]

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The Gentle Leader Dog Leash: Is It Right For My Dog?

The Gentle Leader is a dog leash, harness or head collar (sometimes referred to as a Halti) designed to stop your dog from pulling while walking your dog. Does it actually work? Yes. It will stop your dog from pulling while on walks. But it is not really a training tool. It doesn’t teach your [...]

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Who Is The Real Problem, You Or Your Dog?

It's plain and simple, owners are the problem. Owners that continue to have problems with their dogs even after some form of professional training do not deserve to own a dog. I get so tired of people calling and saying "their dog does this and their dog does this." Who let them do it? The [...]

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Dog In Training

Do you want see a dog in training on a website? Click here. This little pooch does a number of commands. Just type in one of the following commands and watch what happens: Sit, down, roll over, stand, sing, dance, shake, fetch, play dead, etc. Don't forget the Kiss command. Does anyone note what commands [...]

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Why Do People Want Attack Dog Training?

Why Do People Want Attack Dog Training? I get calls all the time from people who want attack dog training. It is beyond me. Why would anyone want attack dog training when the person that ends up being attacked is usually a family member or friend? The above scenario does happen. It happens because people [...]

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