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Heat Stroke In Dogs – Symptoms Of Heat Stroke

As the temperature rises, it is time to remind dog owners to watch out for their dogs. Dogs can overheat rather easily. They cannot dissipate heat easily. In a matter of minutes a dog can suffer from severe heat stroke and die. Dogs cannot sweat like we do. In fact, the only sweat glands dog [...]

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Dog Food Ingredients: How To Read Your Dog Food Ingredients Label

With another mass recall of dog foods earlier this year, many dog owners are scared and concerned for their dog's well-being. They now want to know exactly what type of dog food ingredients are in the food they buy for their pets. Pet food labels can be confusing to look at. If you have never [...]

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Dog Food Secrets: Can It Save Your Dog’s Life?

Dog Food Secrets is the controversial e-book exposing the commercial dog food industry as greedy, non-caring corporate companies that are purposely poisoning our dogs. Is it true? I am not 100% sure. I do believe in my heart and soul that most of these commercial dog food makers are knowingly producing a product that is [...]

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Your Pet Meds – Where Should I Buy Them?

Surely you have seen the ads on television and the internet on low-priced pet medications. Have you considered trying them out? I sure have. But here are some things to consider first. Will your veterinarian compete? Ask your veterinarian to match the price of your pets’ medications you find on the internet. I don’t know [...]

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Dog Food Recall

On Friday, Menu Foods issued a recall on "wet" dog and cat foods. Go here for the recall information. You can also call 1-866-895-2708. An undisclosed number of owners have reported vomiting and kidney failure in their dogs and cats after feeding them certain products. The actual source of the problem with the foods has [...]

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