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Getting A Dog Strictly For The Outside? Think Again … Please

Some well-meaning people take on the responsibility of owning a pet but with certain limitations. They only want an "outside" dog. Some people do this for protection because they believe intruders will keep "certain people" away such as bad guys, etc. Some people do this because they don't want their homes to look or smell [...]

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Smart Dogs: Is Your Dog Smart?

Smart Dogs ... Is your dog smartгардероби?  I ran across this interesting article online the other day and thought I would share it with you. There is no debating that a dog has varied levels of intelligence.  It depends on his breeding (genetics), his environment, social interaction and its owner - especially in the [...]

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Leader of The Pack Dog Training: Feeding Your Dog

As you probably know by now, I feel it is essential that your dog sees you as the leader of the pack. This should take place by structured obedience training, by real life dog training and by everyday real life living. One subtle method of becoming the leader in your pack occurs everyday at feeding [...]

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Why Doesn’t Your Dog Come When Called?

Will your dog come to you when you call him ... every time? If so, you are definitely in the minority. One of the biggest requests I get is that a person wants their dog to come to them when called. Unfortunately, we have given him more reasons not to come than reasons to come [...]

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Dog Training: Teaching Your Dog To Love To Ride In The Car

Some dogs are born to ride in cars. They are happy. They are excited. And, you have to worry more about how they behave in the car rather than getting them into the car. With others, they may exhibit signs of fear and anxiety and may even become nauseous during the ride. This usually occurs [...]

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Does Your Dog Pee On You When You Come Home?

Does your dog pee on you when you come home? This could be because he is happy to see you ... or, he is sacred to see you. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about excitement urination. Excitement Urination Excitement urination is a fairly common occurrence among dogs, so there is no [...]

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Dog Training And Your Dog

I have been professionally training dogs for close to 20 years ... whew! That's a long time. But the days have flown by and I have enjoyed most every minute of it. Dogs have given me a wonderful way of life. Over the years I have been to many seminars and training schools. I have [...]

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